New Belgium grabs a piece of the esports pie with its Dignitas deal

Given the way that beer has been inextricably linked to baseball, football, and hockey for as long as those sports have existed, it should surprise no one that breweries have gone looking for a piece of the esports pie. For the most part it’s been the big boys that have been involved—most notably Anheuser-Busch. Now […]

PlayStation 5 is now the official console of choice for NBA 2K League

As every hard-core fan of professional sports knows, sponsorships are a big deal. That’s why Tiger Woods and Nike go together like peanut butter and chocolate—as sure as Reese’s most iconic candy is delicious, you can’t think of one without thinking of the other. That makes a multi-year partnership between the NBA 2K and Sony […]

Zombie fans have a new reason to live as Undawn is on the horizon

Let’s play a little game, the main purpose of which is to gauge exactly how excited you’ll be about a project by Lightspeed and Quantum Studios. See if you can name the movie by the following quotes: “But I forgive you darlin’ and I know you’re here, because I can smell your brains”; “When there’s […]

Call of Duty:Mobile zombie mode ready to lurch back from the great beyond

Stop and think about zombies for a second, and the brilliance of them is them is that they are us, only totally clueless. Think about that for a second. Almost every monster you can think of—ghosts, demons, vampires, mummies, Donald J. Trump—has some vague idea that it’s not a nice person. And is totally okay […]

Annihilator Cup promises to be a great thing for those who appreciate money

A quite frankly foolish person once made the statement “Money can’t buy you happiness.” You know what that is? It’s a bunch of horse-pucky, which explains why AT&T Annihilator Cup announcement is so exciting. You know what money can buy you? Let’s start with a Frank Gehry-designed home on the shores of MacKenzie beach, and […]

Razer’s Kanagawa Wave Collection makes it easy to look like garbage

“You look like garbage.” We’ve all heard that. And there’s no point trying to deny it a year-and-a-bit into the global COVID-19 pandemic. When you have no reason to look presentable, and even less incentive to leave the house, you’re going to end up looking like something the cat dragged in. But what if you […]

Overwatch League fans are about to get a whole lot happier with YouTube

Until things get back to normal, Overwatch League fans are going to have to continue to get their fix in front of a screen. And by that we’re not talking sitting in front of the Jumbotron at Rogers Arena, Allen Event Center, or imaginatively titled Entertainment and Sports Arena in Washington. Instead, YouTube will continue […]

Rocket League is headed to mobile with built-from-scratch Sideswipe

Say goodbye to the days where you need an Xbox, PlayStation, or retro-fitted Commodore64 to play the game where soccer and motor sports meet head on. And say hello to having a ready made excuse to escape those social situations—weddings, funerals, dinner parties, and birthday bashes—where you’d really rather be doing something else. Like, for […]


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You stopped to pet my white bulldog, and told me about the white bulldog you used to have <3...

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