CS:GO get important new ammunition in the fight for mental health

We’ve come a long way when it comes to recognizing the importance of mental health, with one of the biggest leaps being how there’s no longer a stigma to admitting everything is not okay. And there are definitely days where, thanks to long training hours often spent alone, things can start to seem like too […]

Twitch sends out new volley of emails warning that the DMCA is not happy

When it comes to streaming on Twitch, it pays to keep in mind that there’s less potential for trouble when you’re accompanied by the sound of silence. And by that, we’re not talking the Simon & Garfunkle rendition of “The Sound of Silence”, but instead the real thing. Why? That would be because the DMCA […]

Call of Duty announces big prize pool for World Series of Warzone

Let’s face it—at this point in the never-ending COVID-19 pandemic game, we could all use not only a little good news, but also a whole lot of money. On that front Call of Duty’s World Series of Warzone ticks both boxes. Game developer Activision has announced the 2021 version of the event. There will be […]

Lamborghini rolls out a rarity for the Asphalt 9: Legends tournament

One of the sad but utterly undeniable realities of life is that most of us are on the outside looking. That’s why the hallowed one percent live in waterfront mansions in Monaco, have kitchen water taps retrofitted to dispense Dom Perignon, and think nothing of dropping a couple hundred grand on automobiles they park in […]

GameSquare lands a legend in skateboarding success story Tony Hawk

One of the most recognizable and respected faces in American sports history has taken on an advisory position with an organization with a global reach. Skateboard icon Tony Hawk has joined GameSquare Esports. GameSquare chief operating officer Justin Kenna will lean on Hawk to help build connections between esports communities and traditional sports fans. GameSquare […]

Rambo ready to do some major damage in the world of Call of Duty

One minute John James Rambo is running around the forests surrounding Hope in beautiful British Columbia. The next he’s ready to start kicking digital butt in the video world of esports. Always admired a man who uses violence and unfiltered aggression to solve his problems? Well then get ready to be thrilled at the news […]

Riot Games rolls out cosmetic rewards to help celebrate Pride Month

Get ready to show your pride, and not just for being a proud member of the esports community. Riot Games has announced a new round of in-game cosmetic rewards as a way to help celebrate Pride Month. You can load up starting May 17, and then continue to stockpile goodies until the end of June. […]

When it comes to esports success stories, Vancouver has the rest of Canada beat

When it comes to Canadians pulling down big paycheques in the world of esports, Vancouver has an impressive bench of top-tier earners. According to a study just released by Canada ranks eighth in the world when it comes to total earnings of its esports athletes. Translated into dollars, American players pulled in a combined […]

Botez sisters set the table for their Bullet Invitational chess tournament

Who could have predicted that the COVID-19 pandemic would—in association with Netflix—help make chess seem badass? Deny all you want that the game has suddenly become crazy-cool, but not until you’ve binge-watched every episode of The Queen’s Gambit, with a Chesterfield in one hand, and a Gibson in the other. As for the rest of […]

FaZe Clan Bunker Collection a reason to get excited after hibernation season

Admit it: after a long winter—possibly the longest of your life thanks to COVID-19—it’s time to bloom. And that means ditching the pajamas and moth-eaten sweater that got you through the past five months for something with a little more flare. On that front, get ready to get excited because the FaZe Clan Bunker Collection […]


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