Manchester United player Jesse Lingard jumps into the world of esports

Professional English soccer player Jesse Lingard has decided to make the leap from the pitch to the digital world of esports. Most known as a member of Manchester United, Lingard has decided to purchase a Rainbow Six Siege team. That team will, moving forward, be known by the name JLINGZ. It will compete in the […]

FaZe Clan makes history by jumping to the legendary pages of DC Comics

Get ready to see your favourite FaZe Clan content creator in comic book form. And not just any old comic book line, but instead what’s arguably the most famous of them all. DC Comics and FaZe Clan have announced that they’re teaming up for a limited-edition project. FaZe Clan stars will be drawn as superheros […]

24 Hours of Le Mans changes name but stays tied to a watchmaking legend

As a general rule of thumb, the kind of company one keeps sometimes speaks louder than words. On that front, the 24 Hours of Le Mans Virtual racing series has some heavy hitters on side, starting with one of the world’s most famous watchmakers. And that translates into instant legitimacy. Rolex has once again stepped […]

Amazon Prime members can now cash in with a free Tower of Power gun buddy

There’s an old saying that membership has its privileges, and that’s most definitely true for VALORANT fanatics with an Amazon Prime Gaming account. Check out the Prime Gaming site today and you’ll find all sorts of goodies, some which you can cash in on now, and others which will be available in the months to […]

League of Legends World Championships 2021 leaves China and returns to Europe

Those who were hoping to do battle in China for the upcoming 2021 League of Legends World Championships will have to change their plane tickets. Riot Games has revealed that the competition has been relocated. Europe is now hosting LoL’s World Championships for 2021. If you’re sitting there thinking “But Europe is a big place—where […]

Riot makes its latest effort to change the face of esports with LCS Game Changers

Earlier this year developer Riot Games launched an initiative called VALORANT Champions Tour Game Changers. The goal was to make the esports world a more inclusive one by turning the spotlight on women and marginalized genders. That goal continues manifesting itself this late summer with LCS Game Changers, in which both amateur and professional League […]

Major League Soccer strikes a big and mutually beneficial deal with eFootball

Fans of what’s been called the beautiful game will now have the chance to spend plenty of time with their favourites Major League Soccer players. Game developer Konami has entered into an agreement with the MSPLA (Major League Soccer Players’ Association) that will impact the way people look at eFootball. Under the deal, Konami has […]


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