In the most humble way possible Epic Games celebrates an excellent 2021

After proudly announcing that it’s too humbled to make an overly big deal out of things, Epic Games has revealed that it had one whopper of a 2021. An, um, epic 194 million PC users checked into the Epic Games Store last year, an increase of 34 million satisfied customers from 2020. To give you […]

ESL reportedly ready to return to CS:GO Major action in Rio

Think of it either as an act of high folly, or a guarantee that the COVID-19 Pandemic is about to be declared officially over. Dexerto is reporting plans for a major esports event this fall, specifically a CS:GO Major in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. That will mark a return to normalcy that’s been sadly […]

Clearly someone with time on her hands, Grimes teams up with Rocket League

Give Grimes endless amounts of credit for continuing to be out there. And by that, we’re not talking about showing up at the Met Ball with a giant retro-futuristic sword and metallic Dune mask. Or posting endless Instagram photos that suggest braids, braids, and more braids are three of her favourite things. Or separating from […]

Microsoft takes a major step towards video-game domination with Activision Blizzard deal

Tech giant Microsoft is looking to solidify its hold on the video game industry with a high-stakes bid for heavyweight company Activision Blizzard. The company that Bill Gates built has put forth a US$68.7 billion offer to buy the Santa Monica-based gaming company. Activision-developed titles include the high-profile likes of Overwatch, Warcraft, Candy Crush, and […]

100 Thieves unveils a primary 2022 jersey that even hockey fans can love

With the most decidedly un-wonderful time of the year not only upon us, but bringing endless days of grey rain and greyer skies on the West Coast, now’s a good time to do something for yourself to brighten things up. On that front, the ever-styling 100 Thieves team is here to help. The high-powered American […]

Street Fighter celebrates a milestone while hinting the battling isn’t over

Street Fighter has rolled out a new anniversary logo to celebrate 35 years of brawling with punch and kick attacks. And not done there, game developer Capcom has also hinted that there will be future developments for a series that first took arcades by storm back in 1987. The new logo features the word “Anniversary” […]

Canada’s Félix “xQc” Lengyel once again tops all Twitch streamers

Based on just-released Twitch streaming numbers, and a high-profile hack last fall, Canada’s Félix “xQc” Lengyel isn’t going to have to worry about making his mortgage payments any time soon. Lengyel has just taken home top-dog honors as the number-one content creator on Twitch for 2021. The 26-year-old Laval, Quebec native was also king of […]

VALORANT introduces a shockingly lethal new agent named Neon

VALORANT has introduced a new agent possessing the kind of powers that anyone who’s ever had to go to battle would love to have. Ladies and gentlemen meet Neon, whose special abilities include whipping electric blue balls with the power to ricochet off walls, thereby maximizing damage. And the lethalness doesn’t stop there. Neon clearly […]


I keep on seeing billion dollar numbers in...

But I swear, they just feel so abstract and made up now. I think the problem is nobody believes...


You and your sister were at the next table

You and your sister were at the next table, eating. I asked if you were eating chicken or squid....

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