Accepting that drinks and live music are no longer viable, Inven Global Esports Conference shifts to a digital platform

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      Sometimes a great way to get a handle on where things are at today is to take a look back at the past.

      Last year the organizers of the Inven Global Esports Conference were more than a little excited about the future, and understandably so. As the profile of eSports has taken off, there's been no shortage of people looking to get involved on every level. IGEC was conceived as a one-stop networking opportunity for inventors, gamers, investors, and anyone else who's recognized the value of an industry that's now worth billions. 

      Looking back at the IGEC website, here's how organizers originally imagined this year's event would shake down in May in Irvine, California: "In its third year of operation, IGEC is the premier esports networking conference in the United States. IGEC delivers practical insights straight from the industry experts making headlines across the world. IGEC 2020 will conclude with our signature after party. Complete with dinner, drinks, live music, and a truckload of sponsored giveaways, VIP ticket holders, speakers and special guests are invited to join us for what promises to be our most special after party yet."

      Dinner, drinks, live music have obviously now gone overboard, along with the sponsored giveaways and after-party.

      But proving that they have an admirable ability to adapt quickly, IGEC has decided that when people can't come to you, you go to the people. 

      To that end, event planners have shifted platforms, launching a new digital conference series where insiders, broadcasters, content generators, and players will convene to talk about eSports and everything associated with it at a time when the world has shifted in ways no one saw coming. 

      Watch the first installment on Twitch here, where Inven Global's director of corporate strategy Nick D'Orazio moderates a talk about the way eSports is well-positioned to not only survive a COVID-19 world, but also make major inroads as people look for alternative forms of entertainment. 

      Joining him are Riot Games' eSports tech lead Scott Adametz, TV personality Trisha Hershberger, Cross Counter TV founder Ryan Gutierrez, and content creator Freya Fox. 

      Just because there are no drinks, live music, or dinner doesn't mean you won't learn something.