Mazda takes a smart step to hook the drivers of tomorrow with its RX-Vision GT3 Concept for Gran Turismo

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      The key to any good marketing strategy is getting the hooks into folks early. If someone grows up drinking Coke from the age of three, chances are good that their brand loyalty will follow them into adulthood.

      On that front, the Mazda Motor Corporation is making it easy for the future drivers of the world to slip behind the wheel of its cars long before they get their learner’s licences.

      The Japanese automobile giant has just rolled out a virtual racing car called the Mazda RX-Vision GT3 Concept. Developed in conjunction with Polyphony Digital Inc., the simulated racer can be downloaded for PlayStation 4’s Gran Turismo Sport title, starting tomorrow (May 22).

      In a news release, Mazda said it is “aiming to gain more Mazda fans by conveying the joy of driving a car to the wide range of people who love Digital Motor Sport2 which has been gaining popularity in recent years. Moreover, even under the influence of the recent coronavirus, car enthusiasts all over the world can connect online and enjoy the same conditions regardless of country, region, language or generation.”

      The Mazda RX-Vision GT3 Concept offers drivers the chance to hone their skills long before they’re legally allowed to get behind the wheel and drive to the nearest brick-and-mortar 7-Eleven.

      But the benefits don’t stop there.

      Test drivers using the virtual car in Gran Turismo Sport will automatically be eligible to take to the blacktop in the 2020 season of FIA certified Gran Turismo Championship events.