UBC invites you to get In Tune With Your Brain on May 15

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      The UBC Brain and Music Student Group of Transcending Boundaries is presenting a free half-day symposium this Saturday (May 15).

      Titled "In Tune With Your Brain: Harmonizing Creative, Clinical, and Community", the virtual event is all about the intersection of music and the brain.

      "Music seems to transcend cultures, boundaries, and populations," reads the event info, "and for good reason: music uses basically our entire brains to process, and we usually don't have to think about it!

      "But what if we did think about how it all works? What if knowing how our brains process music allows us to maximize its transformative power in creative, clinical, and community settings?"

      UBC president Santa Ono performs at the opening of the In Tune WIth Your Brain symposium.

      Setting out to explore those questions on May 15 will be a group of neuroscientists and clinicians, industry artists/producers, and community music programmers, including UBC president Santa Ono, Francis Arevalo of Uwido Sound, Cynthia Friesen of St. James Music Academy, Victor Franco of 3020 Management, and Northeastern University's Psyche Loui, who gives the keynote address.

      In Tune With Your Brain runs from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Pacific time, with a virtual cocktail hour to follow, and you can register here.