A good day for Apple shareholders as company's value tops US$2.5 trillion

The stock has risen by 11.85 times since Tim Cook became CEO on August 24, 2011

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      The corporate juggernaut known as Apple hit another high today.

      The share price reached US$151.13, before closing a penny lower, leaving it with a market capitalization of US$2.5 trillion.

      That's significantly larger than Canada's gross domestic product.

      It's the first time that Apple has punctured the US$150 price since the stock split 4:1 nearly a year ago. And it comes eight days before Tim Cook celebrates his 10th anniversary as the CEO of Apple.

      In 2014, the stock split on a 7:1 basis. After accounting for the two splits, an Apple share would have been worth US$12.75 in after-hours trading at the end of Cook's first day as CEO on August 24, 2011. This means that since then, Apple shares have shot up by 11.85 times.