Employment rises sharply in June in B.C.'s accommodations and food-services industry

The latest data from Statistics Canada shows that the provincial jobless rate has dipped from 13.4 percent to 13 percent

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      The COVID-19 pandemic contributed to the loss of about 400,000 jobs in British Columbia in March and April.

      But in June as the economy continued to recover and B.C. entered the third phase of its restart plan, an additional 118,100 new jobs were created in the province.

      The greatest gains by far were on the services-producing sector, led by accommodation and food services (54,800); professional, scientific, and technical services (17,600); and wholesale and retail trade (14,100).

      B.C.'s unemployment rate fell from 13.4 percent in May to 13 percent in June.

      Among 15- to 24-year-olds, however, the jobless rate rose from 28.9 percent to 29.1 percent over the same period.

      The unemployment rate for women 25 years of age and older in B.C. last month was 11.4 percent, compared to 9.3 percent among men in that age bracket.

      In the goods-producing sector, there were 8,200 more construction jobs, 1,200 more natural-resources jobs, and 900 more utilities jobs in B.C. last month.

      However, employment fell by 6,800 in manufacturing and 400 in agriculture in the province in June.

      The national unemployment rate fell from 13.7 percent in May to 12.3 percent in June as nearly a million jobs were created last month.