Inflation watch: three in four Canadians report rising prices affecting ability to meet daily expenses

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      Inflation is hurting a lot of people.

      A report says three in four Canadians say rising prices are affecting their ability to meet day-to-day expenses.

      These expenses include transportation, housing, food, and clothing.

      “As a result, many Canadians are adjusting their behaviour to adapt to this new reality, including adjusting their spending habits and delaying the purchase of a home or moving to a new rental,” Statistics Canada reported.

      The federal agency released the report Thursday (June 9), citing the results of a poll it conducted earlier.

      Statistics Canada made the survey between April 19 and May 1, 2022 amid soaring inflation in the country.

      In April, consumer prices rose 6.8 percent on a year-over-year basis, up from the 6.7 percent increase in March.

      The report noted that the price of food rose 9.7 percent from April 2021 to April this year.

      Canadians had to pay “much more” for basic food staples.

      Prices of fresh fruit rose 10 percent; meat, 10.1 percent; and fresh vegetables, 8.2 percent.

      “With rising costs in other areas such as shelter and transportation, Canadians have also been less able to budget money for food,” Statistics Canada reported.

      In the face of rising prices, 20 percent of Canadians reported that their households are very (seven percent) or somewhat (13 percent) likely to obtain food or meals from community organizations over the next six months.

      These are food banks, community centres, faith-based organizations, school programs or community gardens.