Santa Claus rally pushes stock prices even higher as Dow Jones Industrial Average tops 36,000

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      Wall Street investors continued making gains in the first trading day after Christmas.

      The Dow Jones Industrial Average, which is a basket of 30 large-cap stocks, closed at 36,302.28, up 352 points on the day. That translated into a 0.98 percent gain.

      The big winners were Microsoft (up 2.32 percent to close at US$342.45) and Apple (up 2.3 percent to close at US$180.33.

      Others in the DJIA that posted two-percent gains were Chevron Corp. and

      The tech-heavy NASDAQ Composite Index was up 1.39 percent in the so-called Santa Claus rally to close at 15,871.26.

      Big winners on NASDAQ included Advanced Micro Devices Inc. (up 5.62 percent to close at US$154.36), Fortinet Inc. (up 5.34 percent to close at US$367.67), and Applied Materials Inc. (up 4.65 percent to US$162.72).

      Facebook shares jumped 3.26 percent to close at US$346.18; Tesla stock rose 2.52 percent to close at US$1,093.94.