Tesla stock up 56.7 percent since Grimes and Elon Musk announced their breakup

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      Shares in the automaker Tesla have been on a tear in recent weeks.

      Today, the stock closed at US$1,213.86 on NASDAQ, up 3.57 percent.

      The company's now worth US$1.2 trillion. Major shareholder Elon Musk's personal wealth now clocks in at a whopping US$316.5 billion, according to Forbes.

      He's the first person ever to eclipse US$300-billion in the Forbes real-time net worth measurement. And he's blown by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, who's worth US$196.5 billion.

      That had me wondering about Tesla's stock performance since Musk and his former partner, Grimes, announced their breakup on September 24.

      It turns out that since then, Tesla's share price has risen 56.7 percent.

      Musk recently said that he's willing to fork over US$6 billion to fight world hunger. Today, that would amount to 1.9 percent of his net worth, based on the Forbes estimate.

      Last July, Grimes told her fans that Musk wasn't funding her musical career.