Vancity's only Indigenous board member defeated as two newcomers are elected

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      Elections to the Vancity board are often hotly contested.

      This year, two newcomers—Maegen Giltrow and Juvarya Veltkamp—secured enough votes to become directors, along with incumbents Bill Chan and Patrick Nangle.

      Giltrow is a lawyer who's worked on environmental protection and urban Indigenous health. Veltkamp is a director of the Canada Climate Law Initiative.

      They were both elected to three-year terms, along with Chan, a chartered professional accountant and longtime vice president of Encorp Pacific (Return-It).

      Nangle, CEO of Modo Co-operative, won a one-year term.

      Vancity has 550,000 member-owners and 54 credit union branches. It has $30.5 billion in assets or assets under management.

      One of the incumbents, Khelsilem, was defeated, coming fifth in the race for four seats. Khelsilem was one of five candidates recommended by the board along with the four who were elected.

      Khelsilem is an elected councillor with the Squamish Nation. He joined Vancity's board in 2020.

      He's the only Indigenous member of the board and frequently speaks in the community about Indigenous issues, the environment, and housing.

      Voting took place from April 16 to 23. The results are listed below:

      • Maegen Giltrow – 22,509 votes
      • Bill Chan – 17,545 votes
      • Juvarya Veltkamp – 15,116 votes
      • Patrick Nangle – 14,120 votes
      • Khelsilem –11,616 votes
      • Derek DeBiasio – 7,439 votes
      • Mercedes Wong – 6,420 votes
      • Manpreet Grewal – 4,151 votes
      • Rowena Liang – 3,915 votes
      • Paul Plater – 3,445 votes
      • James Laitinen – 2,056 votes
      • Ron Thaler – 1,890 votes