Vejii Holdings seals the deal to buy vegan wholesale platform

VEDGEco is now the property of a Kelowna-based company that trades on the Canadian Securities Exchange

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      On January 4, Kelowna-based Vejii Holdings Ltd. announced that it had closed a deal to buy U.S.-based VEDGEco in a $6.25-million share swap with its shareholders.

      The CEO of Vejii, Kory Zelickson, and its president, Darren Gill, have joined the board of VEDGEco. It operates a wholesale business-to-business platform enabling producers of vegan products to sell to restaurants and independent grocers.

      According to a Vejii Holdings news release, “VEDGEco’s digital platform makes it possible for small business owners to avoid the typical requirements that large, legacy distributors have in place, such as large minimum order sizes.”

      Vejii Holdings is listed on the Canadian Securities Exchange.

      Its stock closed at $0.20 on the Canadian Securities Exchange on January 4 on heavier than usual trading.

      According to Yahoo finance, 237,500 shares changed hands on that day, which is the highest total since December 17 when 295,000 shares traded.

      The heavier trading accompanied a public-relations blitz announcing the closure of the VEDGEco deal.