Canuck Place Cookbook: Comfort food, family-friendly dishes, touching stories, and lots and lots of cookies

From Our Kitchen to Yours features recipes from those who cook from the heart at the children's hospice

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      With new cookbooks coming out all the time, you may ask yourself if you really need another one taking up space on your bookshelf. But there’s one that deserves a spot in Vancouverites’ collections:  From Our Kitchen to Yours: The Canuck Place Cookbook.

      Canuck Place Children's Hospice provides support to hundreds of kids with life-threatening illnesses and their families every year. You’d be hard-pressed to find dishes that are more nourishing, wholesome, and comforting than these.  

      The most recent version of the Canuck Place Cookbook was published through the support of the Karim Cookie Fund, which was founded in memory of a young boy named Karim Webber.

      Webber received palliative care at Canuck Place. In the book, his family shares a story about the two months they spent at the hospice.

      At the end of their first week there, one of the chefs joined Webber at a table with a mound of fresh dough, a bowl of tomato sauce, and some fresh mozzarella and said “Let’s make a pizza.” It was in that moment that the young boy knew he had found his second home.

      Heart-warming stories are sprinkled throughout the book, and the recipes themselves are straightforward. You’ll find dishes like curry lentil soup, Thai crab salad, turkey-cranberry-and-Brie pizza, paella, beef short ribs, salmon with pesto sauce, eggplant parmigiana, mac ’n’ cheese—the list goes on.

      Then there is the cookie section.

      Cookies are a recurring theme in the book. Just like any other dwelling, it seems as though the kitchen at Canuck Place is the heart of the home. In their letter in the book, the Webber family talks about how almost everyone who comes to visit or stay at Canuck Place is immediately drawn to the kitchen—often to have a cup of tea and a freshly baked cookie.

      There are recipes for lemon poppy-seed cookies, double-chocolate cranberry cookies, snickerdoodles, gingersnaps, and more.

      The cookbook is $20 and available for pick-up at either of the Canuck Place hospices in Vancouver (Glen Brae House, 1690 Matthews Avenue) and Abbotsford (Dave Lede House, 32772 Marshall Road) or at its development and finance office (207 – 3077 Granville Street).

      It can be ordered online too.

      Canuck Place has a team of full-time chefs on-site and also relies on volunteers who help with baking, some meal prep, and cleaning up.