Miku Vancouver to launch new flame-seared sushi menu tomorrow (December 6)

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      Miku Restaurant introduced aburi (flame-seared) sushi to Vancouver in 2007. Over the years, this particular kind of Japanese food item has amassed a legion of admirers in the city and beyond.

      A combination of factors makes up why aburi sushi is so irresistible. It begins with a perfectly pressed cube of rice, which is covered with a piece of seafood (salmon and ebi [shrimp] are the most popular). It is then drizzled with a home-made dressing and topped with a garnish. The final step is flame-searing it, which makes it slightly burnt but extremely flavourful.

      Since then, many other Japanese eateries have begun to offer this melt-in-your-mouth menu item.

      In order to maintain its trailblazing efforts, Miku is launching a new kind of flame-seared sushi menu tomorrow (December 6), which will consist of aburi prime ($55 plus taxes and gratuity) and the aburi prime set menu ($88 plus taxes and gratuity).

      Flame-searing sushi has become a popular trend in Vancouver.
      Miku Restaurant

      The waterfront dining establishment will combine its flame-searing technique to nigiri omakase (a Japanese dining experience where the chef selects each piece of sushi). It won’t be a traditional omakase concept where guests sit at the bar and receive the sushi piece-by-piece—the aburi prime dish will serve all nine pieces of premium sushi on one plate.

      Guests can expect to indulge in seasonal items that can include otoro (pink fatty tuna with yuzu daikon oroshi [citrus grated winter radish] and baby arugula), Hokkaido hotate (Japanese scallop with yuzu orange salsa and micro red shiso [Asian mint]), and A5 Japanese wagyu (Japanese beef with uni [sea urchin] and edible flowers).

      If you want the full dining experience, go for the aburi prime set menu. It includes a welcome cocktail, amuse bouche (a small appetizer to prepare your palate), a kaiseki (traditional Japanese multicourse meal) trio served in unique plating, aburi prime for the main course, and dessert.

      A premium beverage pairing that includes wine, sake, and Japanese whisky is available for an additional $44.

      No word yet on whether Miku’s sister restaurant in Yaletown, Minami, will also offer this new type of aburi sushi.

      Each piece of seasonal sushi will be chosen by the chef.
      Miku Restaurant
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