Dundas Eat and Drink's Six O Pho Challenge dares diners to down five pounds of pho in record time

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      The wintry weather of late in Vancouver calls for a hearty bowl of noodles to warm the cockles of your heart (and your belly), be it ramen or pho.

      For those brave enough to supersize it, you can take the Big Bowl Challenge at Ramen Koika (1231 Davie Street) until December 31.

      The challenge, which launched in December 2016, requires diners to complete a massive bowl of ramen (four times the size of their regular offerings) within 10 minutes or else be charged $18.95.  

      However, if pho is more your thing, Dundas Eat and Drink (2077 Dundas Street) in Hastings-Sunrise has launched similar challenge that'll put voracious appetites to the test.

      The Six O Pho challenge launched on December 19 and will continue until December 31.

      In this competition, the person who can complete their massive bowl of pho in the fastest time will receive a $100 gift card to the eatery and a trophy. Those who come in second and third place will receive $25 gift certificates.

      As the equivalent to three or four of their regular bowls, there are a whopping five pounds of meat, noodles, and broth in the bowl. But if 30 minutes pass and you haven't devoured everything, you'll be charged $34.95.

      Limited quantities are available every day from 5 to 10 p.m.

      Good luck, and may the pho be with you.

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      You think your bowl is big? Think again.With 5lbs worth of food, do you think you can finish it in 30mins? - From now till December 31, @eatdundas is hosting the #sixophochallenge all day everyday. It's first come first serve with limited quantity per day. It will cost you $34.95 if you fail to finish it with the time limit. If you finish it all, you get it for free. Oh did I mention fastest time will also win $100 cash? . . . . . #lifeandthyme#foodblogfeed#bakefeed#foodandwinec#mycommontable#f52fall#thisisfall#thrillist#eattheworld#vancityeats#vancouverfood#igvancouver#vancouverfoodie#foodart#instafood#foodvsco#forkyeah#foodforfoodies#foodspotting#foodbeast#thatfoodcray#huffposttaste#yahoofood#igfoodporn#feedyoursoul#cheatmeal#getinmybelly#tablescape#tryitordiet

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