5 places to find chocolate and cheese fondue around Vancouver

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      When it’s unbearably chilly outside, you probably just want to stay at home—preferably wrapped up in a fleece blanket with a warm cup of hot cocoa in your hands.

      But there’s a particular type of comfort food that could potentially entice you to stray from your cozy abode: fondue.

      Imagine dipping bread and grapes in a mouth-watering pot of molten cheese. For those who prefer sweets, there are also eateries in the city that specialize in chocolate fondue—a dish that consists of melted milk or dark chocolate that pair well with strawberries and pastries.

      The weather forecast predicts that Vancouver is in for a week of below-zero temperatures, so it’s not a bad time to start thinking about where to indulge in this hearty item.

      Here are five places to find fondues around town.

      La Mezcaleria

      1. La Mezcaleria (68 East Cordova Street and 1622 Commercial Drive)

      This Mexican dining establishment offers delicious queso fundido (signature molten cheese fondue) served in a molcajete (volcanic stone bowl). La Mezcaleria’s chef likes to use a combination of mozzarella, soft manchego, or Edam, as well as some gruyère and emmental for the cheese component. What makes this different from the traditional Swiss dish is that the restaurant adds in Mexican ingredients like salsa verde, chorizo, con champinones (epazote spiced sautéed mushrooms), and con salsa asada de arbol (roasted Mexican chili pepper and tomato salsa). Choose the heat level that you prefer, and start dipping.


      Cacao 70

      2. Cacao 70 Eatery (1047 Denman Street)

      Satisfy your sweet tooth with a hearty pot of molten chocolate. Cacao 70’s newly rebranded “Eatery” concept offers classic chocolate fondue (milk, white, and dark), but you can also mix-and-match or choose all three flavours with its “black and white” or “triple chocolate” options. For those who want to try something different, go for the peanut butter, earl grey, coffee, or matcha chocolate fondue choices. Each serving (single or double) comes with fresh fruit, chocolate brownie bites, and classic waffle bites.


      Burgoo Bistro

      3. Burgoo (various locations)

      A comfort food-menu isn’t complete without a fondue offering—Burgoo serves up two different kinds of this heart-warming dish. Choose between the creamy fonduemental (made with gruyère and emmental cheese, white wine, and Kirsch) or cheesy Brie fondue (made with Brie cheese, roast garlic, honey, and white wine). Each pot comes with apple, grapes, and crusty bread for dipping, and is best enjoyed with other fondue-lovers.


      Mink Chocolates

      4. Mink Chocolates (863 West Hastings Street and 15775 Croydon Drive, Surrey)

      If a food business specializes in chocolate, it’s likely that they also know how to make a good chocolate fondue. Mink Chocolates is known for its award-winning chocolate bars and signature mini hibachi (Japanese heating device) for making s’mores, but chocolate fondue is also on its menu. It is available in milk or dark chocolate, and guests can dip an assortment of fruits, cakes, and marshmallows into the liquid concoction. If you can’t get enough of this treat, bring it home—fondue pot sets and fresh chocolate ganache jars are also available for purchase at the café.


      The French Table

      5. The French Table (3916 Main Street)

      Treat yourself to a night of good food at this French brasserie-style restaurant, which is known for its popular fondue offerings. The French Table has two types of fondue: cheese and burgundy beef. The traditional Swiss-style dish is made with classic gruyere, emmental, and appenzeler cheese, and flavoured with white wine, garlic, and Kirsch. Enjoy it with nugget potatoes, green salad, and cubed bread. The burgundy beef fondue is made with meat cooked in wine (pinot noir) and veggies, and served with beef tenderloin, nugget potatoes, green salad, and five different types of mayonnaise. Guests must call the eatery two hours in advance if they wish to order the burgundy fondue.

      The French Table