Ramen Koika's Hell of Fire soba challenge tests the extreme limits of spicy-food lovers

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      Are you a diner who prides yourself on your ability to stomach the most spicy dishes imaginable? Do you live by the mantra "the spicier, the better" when it comes to food? Well, you may have to eat humble pie, as a new food challenge will push your tolerance of hot spices to its extremities.

      Over in the Davie Village, Ramen Koika (1231 Davie Street) had been offering its Big Bowl Challenge over the past year. That challenge, which asked ramen lovers to down a mammoth-sized bowl of ramen in 10 minutes, wrapped up at the end of December.

      In its place is a new test that harkens back to their previous Red Ramen Challenge, in which participants had to finish a bowl of ramen with level 3 spiciness.

      Believe it or not, a few brave diners have already managed to complete Ramen Koika's Hell of Fire soba challenge within 10 minutes.
      Ramen Koika

      The Hell of Fire Soba challenge, which launched on January 12, will strain the tolerance thresholds of even the most extreme spice-lovers as they must devour a bowl of fiery-flavoured soba within 10 minutes. (There's no broth and it is the equivalent of 2.5 servings of their regular dishes.) The spiciness comes from a combination of Mexican chilies, Thai pepper, and other ingredients. 

      If it wasn't already clear, the restaurant warns, "This isn't something for somebody who can't eat spicy food".

      Any diner who can't handle it and screams "I surrender" will be offered free soda. However, anyone who doesn't complete the challenge will have to pay $10 for the dish.

      Participants who somehow manage to successfully finish off the bowl within 10 minutes do not have to pay the $10 charge and will also receive a voucher for free ramen upon their next visit.

      Only four people will be accepted for the challenge at a time due to kitchen capacity and seating.

      Also as this is a dine-in challenge, this dish isn't available for take-out.

      Think you can handle it?

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