Sips store closing brings some good news for Vancouver home mixologists

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      Once upon a time, making drinks at home meant dumping some Gilbey’s gin in a tumbler and then adding tonic water and a squeeze of lime. If you wanted to get tropical, you put on a tacky Hawaiian shirt grabbed the Sailor Jerry and then topped with three ice cubes and four finger of Five Alive.

      That’s all changed over the past decade, with mixology not only an art in Vancouver bars but, increasingly, at home. Why bother with boring old Jack and Coke when you can infuse Maker’s Mark with dried chipotle and then shakes with Fee Brothers Black Walnut bitters, fresh-squeezed pineapple and lemon juices, and ginger-steeped simple syrup, misting with atomized Ardbeg.

      Should learning to craft perfect cocktails at home be an ongoing obsession, today brings both good and bad news.

      On the unfortunate front, the Vancouver specialty store Sips Cocktail Emporium is—after three years in business—closing for good at the end of the month.

      In a press release, the store’s owners stated “We’ve made the hard decision to close our shop at 339 E Broadway. We want to say thank you to everyone for your business and support over the years and we’d love for you to come say hi one last time!”

      The good news? That would be that Sips will be blowing out its inventory to the decided benefit of anyone in the markets for an 18 oz. Boston shaker, Apothecary The Darkness Cacao-Coffee Bitters, or handle-free Hawthorne strainer.

      “All of our inventory will be on sale through to the end of the month,” Sips states. “We’d like to see as much of it go as possible so come by and see if there are some gems you’d like to grab for your home bar.”

      While its physical shop will cease to be after January 31, Sips will continue to offer merchandise at its online store.