Satisfy your sweet tooth with unique dessert platters in Metro Vancouver

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      It’s not uncommon to find different kinds of food platters at local restaurants and in the ready-to-eat section at supermarkets—options include veggie, cheese and meat, and sushi and sashimi, just to name a few.

      But dessert platters are harder to come by in the city, and they are usually off-menu specials that you would need prior knowledge of to place an order.

      Luckily, Mr. Mustache Bubble Tea (8079 Granville Street and 6125 Sussex Avenue, Burnaby) has recently launched an omakase-style (chef-chosen) dessert platter at both of its locations.

      The sweet creations consist of house made pastries, cakes, confections, and fruits that are placed on custom serving plates or large wooden trays. Artistic designs and words (for birthdays or other special occasions) are drawn on the platter using chocolate sauces and icing sugar.

      “Basically, our chef chooses and draws what he wants to put on it,” David Wu, owner of Mr. Mustache, explained to the Straight in a phone interview. “We normally take two orders per day, but if the customer really wants it, then we prepare a third or fourth one for them too.”

      The sweet treat can be a unique way to celebrate birthdays or other special occasions.
      Mr. Mustache Bubble Tea

      You won’t know what you’ll get until the dessert platter arrives on your table: it’s can be a combination of cheesecake, mousse, and macarons. Guests can list any dietary restrictions or allergies to the chef beforehand.

      The local bubble-tea business hired experienced pastry chefs to develop a sweets menu that would complement its beverage selection.

      “Both of our chefs are trained in French pastries. One worked at Faubourg and [the other at] Thierry,” said Wu. “We spent a lot of time going over what kind of desserts we want to produce. We want to cater to the local demographic; it’s a fusion between Asian and French flavours.”

      According to Wu, the omakase dessert creations have been very popular among customers. He claims that guests are always eager to try Mr. Mustache’s new pastry items.  

      “I don’t think there are many dessert places that sell bubble tea and dessert at the same time. The reason why is because both bubble tea and cakes are quite sweet,” said Wu. “By lowering the sweetness of both, we can achieve the accommodation of both products. They can finally go together.”