The Royal Wedding: What Meghan Markle and Prince Harry could serve their hungry guests on May 19

Food trucks might be part of the big day; so will chocolate truffles

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      With the Royal Wedding taking place this weekend (May 19; set your alarm clocks for 1 a.m., when coverage starts), foodies everywhere are asking: What will Meghan Markel and Prince Harry offer their guests to eat?

      Well, Marie Claire UK reports that the crazy-in-love couple (have you noticed she is always gazing up at him adoringly?) is going “millennial AF” with food trucks—yes, food trucks—at one of its receptions, a gathering known as the Frogmore Hall party.

      Apparently, they’ll be offering such delicacies as “grilled cheese toasties, tacos and American-style sliders as late-night snacks”; there’s also talk of ice-cream vans.

      Possibly more reliable, the British Royal Family has revealed on its official website some of the items that attendees will dine on at the reception immediately following the ceremony on the Windsor Castle grounds.

      “His Royal Highness and Ms. Markle attended several tasting trials held in the Windsor Castle kitchen in March, sampling each of the dishes made from scratch in the castle's kitchen,” the Royal Household at Buckingham Palace states.

      Clearly down with all things local and seasonal, the pair will be loading plates with veggies from “farms across counties like Kent, which is known as the ‘garden’ of England and Norfolk”, the site says. “The asparagus being prepared for the lunchtime reception at The Royal Windsor Horse Show” ...sorry, how many receptions are there?... “came from Portwood Farm in Attleborough in the county.”

      Some produce is even being picked from Her Majesty’s Estate at Windsor. Very 100-mile.

      The Royal Kitchens at Windsor Castle’s pastry chef, Selwyn Stoby, who will be working on the day of the wedding—no pressure there—is serving chocolate truffles, apparently a favourite among Royals. The baking team will also be making bite-sized crème brûlée, biscuits with a mango panna-cotta topping, and yellow macarons. 

      What other food-centred stories are swirling?

      The Independent reports that the lovebirds will be serving “bowl dishes” that can be eaten while standing at their reception (not sure which one; we’ve lost track).

      Hello predicts that Champagne and wine from the Royal cellars will be on offer, along with soft drinks.

      Town & Country reminds that Meghan used to run a blog called the Tig, named after Tignanello, a full-bodied red wine from Tuscany; quite possibly, she’ll be sipping something just as bold to celebrate.

      Cheatsheet is guessing no shellfish, saying that it’s generally off-limits for Royal events since it can cause food poisoning. Now that's considerate.

      Meanwhile, Meghan and Harry announced earlier this spring that their wedding cake will be lemon-and-elderflower, created by Claire Ptak of Violet Cakes. It will be covered with buttercream and decorated with fresh flowers.

      Violet Cakes’ online menu lists its largest cake, with 15-inch tiers, as serving 150 guests and costing £784.80, about $1,365. For 600 guests… You do the math.