Japanese tea-house Nana's Green Tea to bring its matcha menu to Vancouver

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      A modern tea-house that has been considered to be one of Japan's equivalents of Starbucks will soon add to the number of increasingly populous tea shops in Vancouver.

      Nana's Green Tea is preparing to open in Kerrisdale at 2135 West 41st Avenue in June.

      After first opening in Tokyo a decade ago, the company has since expanded to 79 cafes, with the number expected to reach 100 by the close of 2019.

      The extensive menu covers a wide range of drinks made with matcha, hoji-cha (roasted green tea), green tea, azuki (red bean), and coffee.

      Among the offerings are decadent-sounding selections such as matcha chocolate crunch latte with soft-serve ice cream, hoji-cha latte with hoji-cha ice cream, azuki bean latte with whipped cream and caramel sauce, black sesame latte with dumplings, and matcha frappe with with black sesame ice cream and dumplings.

      The café also serves a variety of desserts, including parfaits, red bean soup, jellies, and cakes, such as matcha chiffon cake, black sesame and dumplings parfait, or red bean and matcha soup with dumplings.

      Nana's Green Tea

      Beyond drinks and sweets, there's also a selection of savoury food items, including rice bowls, with such toppings as salmon with salmon roe, tuna and avocado, or taco rice; and a small range of udon.

      All green tea leaves used by the company are from the city of Uji, near Kyoto, and azuki beans are from Hokkaido.

      The concept of the interior is based upon a contemporary version of the traditional Japanese tea house. The décor of the 26-seat room will employ a monotone colour scheme using materials such as wood and stone, and will include artwork based upon traditional Japanese culture, such as the classic literary work The Tale of Genji.

      Stay tuned for more details on this one closer to its opening next month.