Ramen Taka dares diners to devour their Giga Ramen Challenge

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      Are you a ramen lover who can slurp down an insane amount of noodles and broth? If so, here's something that will push your eating abilities to the maximum.

      Ramen Takanotsume, which opened at 841 Bidwell Street in the West End in March, is launching what they're calling the Giga Ramen challenge.

      For this gluttonous test, brave souls must finish a humungous bowl of ramen within 30 minutes.

      The monstrous serving is equivalent to five bowls of ramen for a total of three litres. Participants can choose either shoyu, shio, or miso ramen.

      Here's the good news: the ramen is free if entrants successfully devour every last noodle and drop of broth. Plus, winners will have their pictures posted on Ramen Taka's social media.

      Here's the bad news: those who fail to do so within the time limit will be charged the equivalent of four bowls of ramen.

      And here's some further news: bathroom breaks are not allowed during the challenge period.

      The challenge begins on June 1 and to participate, contact Ramen Taka online or by email to make a reservation. And ganbatte (do your best)!

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