Beer ramen is Metro Vancouver’s latest food fad

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      Vancouverites love their ramen—the Japanese specialty made with Chinese-style wheat noodles in a flavourful protein or veggie-based broth never fails to satisfy diverse appetites.

      New ramen restaurant openings and noodle-eating challenges keep the city’s ramen scene interesting, especially out-of-the-ordinary creations—think beer ramen.

      Richmond’s Yuu Japanese Tapas (1118–3779 Sexsmith Road) recently started offering beer ramen on its menu. Contrary to any initial assumptions you may have about this dish, its only hops-related aspect is the large beer mug that it’s served in.

      The ramen noodles are submerged in a cold broth made with bonito (fish) flakes, while the layer of foam at the top is made with egg whites and gelatine.

      You can find it on Yuu’s summer menu priced at $14.95, which is served with a side of chicken or veggie tempura.  

      We have a feeling that this unique item will be popular in the hotter months, similar to how zaru soba (cold buckwheat noodles) is loved when the temperature soars.

      Is beer ramen here to stay or will it just become a short-lived novelty? We’ll let you decide.

      The chilled broth is made with bonito flakes.
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