Yaletown’s Mister Ice Cream to serve up coconut ice-cream floats

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      In the blink of an eye, one of Vancouver’s most popular liquid-nitrogen ice-cream shops will soon be celebrating its second anniversary—it’s getting harder to remember the days before this type of frozen treat existed in the city.

      Last year, Yaletown’s Mister Artisan Ice Cream (1141 Mainland Street) toasted its one-year mark with a Hong Kong-style milk-tea ice cream and pineapple-bun combo, which saw eager sweets-lovers form long lines out the door for the limited offering.

      We anticipate this year to be no different when the ice-cream hot spot debuts its special anniversary treat: a coconut ice-cream float.

      Available for a single day on Saturday (June 16), the unique dessert ($8) will feature Mister’s new coconut 2.0 ice-cream flavour served on a freshly opened young coconut. Mix it with the coconut water, and you have yourself a satisfying float; the mini paper umbrella adds a nice tropical touch to the treat.

      We also expect several devoted fans to camp outside Mister the morning-of, because the dessert shop will be giving away its limited edition special to the first 50 customers for free.

      Doors open at 1 p.m.—we suggest heading there early to avoid disappointment, even if you’re not a fan of lining up.

      The first 50 people will receive the treat for free.

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