Watermelon ice-cream sandwiches have arrived in Metro Vancouver

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      It can be argued that watermelon and ice cream are two of the most popular treats during the summer, which are especially refreshing and delicious on a scorching day.

      So when you combine the two items, it brings summer desserts to another level.

      Milkcow (105–5668 Hollybridge Way, Richmond), a renowned Korean dessert chain that serves up sought-after soft-serve ice cream, recently rolled out its watermelon ice-cream sandwiches for the season.

      Made up of a thick slice of fresh watermelon dotted with chocolate-chip "seeds" and filled with a generous amount of organic and dairy-free watermelon soft serve, you’ll wonder why it took so long for this mouthwatering treat to make its way to Metro Vancouver.

      The watermelon ice-cream sandwich features chocolate-chip "seeds".

      Last summer, renowned pastry chef Dominique Ansel (aka creator of the cronut), released this photogenic frozen dessert at his bakery in Tokyo. Since then, you can only imagine how many sweets shops have tried to recreate his iconic menu item.

      Though Milkcow can’t claim to be the brains behind this creation, we’re glad they brought a version of Ansel’s idea to the city.

      You can get your hands on this crowd-pleasing combo for $7.50—we suggest calling the establishment in advance to get a heads up on the availability of this limited time feature.

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