Japan's Kokoro Tokyo Mazesoba to specialize in brothless ramen in Downtown Vancouver

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      While there's now no shortage of ramen options in downtown Vancouver to choose from, another Japanese noodle shop is setting up shop. But this one is taking a different approach.

      Although broth-based noodles, such as ramen or the thicker udon, are traditionally eaten all year round in Asia, mazesoba is particularly appealing during sweltering summer months or if you're looking for an option without belly-filling broth.

      Mazesoba (which is also sometimes known as or similar to abura soba) is ramen without the broth, and a new entry into the local market will specialize in just that.

      Japan-based Kokoro Tokyo Mazesoba is preparing to open at a 3,500-square-foot space (with seating for 70 patrons) at 551 Seymour Street in downtown Vancouver. It was originally slated to open in August but due to construction delays, it has postponed its opening to September. 

      Kokoro Tokyo Mazesoba

      Chef Takuma Ishikawa launched his first restaurant in Tokyo in 2013, and the company has since expanded internationally, with locations in Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, and Spain. This location will be the company's first spot in North America.

      All soba is made in-house, consists of over 35 percent whole wheat, and is made with the help of a water-softening machine.

      Their mazesoba is a thick, chewy, multigrain noodle, and their signature bowl includes nine ingredients.

      Ingredients include items such as seaweed flakes, green onions, chives, ground saba (mackerel), minced garlic, nori (dried seaweed), chashu (pork), spicy minced pork, raw egg yolk, soft-boiled egg, or bamboo shoots.

      Kokoro Tokyo Mazesoba

      The eight types of mazesoba on their menu range from shio (salt) or mentaiko (fish roe) to curry, cheese, or vegan options.

      For those who prefer ramen with broth or want to warm up when the weather turns cold, their menu features four varieties: tonkotsu (pork-based broth), tomato tonkotsu, spicy tonkotsu, and vegan.

      There are also several other dishes available, including donburi, gyoza, takoyaki, chicken karaage, bao buns, ebi mayo, salads, and more.    

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