10 crazy foods to try at the 2018 Fair at the PNE

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      When the Fair at the PNE (2901 East Hastings Street) returns to Vancouver later this month, city-dwellers will get to enjoy its family-friendly activities and shows, thrilling rides and attractions, and most importantly: outrageous culinary creations.

      It’s become an annual tradition for the summertime event to attract guests with over-the-top bites (though some items may only appeal to daredevil foodies), which seem to get wilder each year. For 2018, its wacky treats range from garlic-vanilla milkshake burgers to cricket caramel apples to red velvet corndogs.

      Here are 10 crazy foods to try this year’s Fair at the PNE. If you dare.

      Fair at the PNE

      1. Kit Kat Fries

      This iconic chocolate bar is served with a twist: dipped in batter and deep-fried. You’ll end up with a crunchy creation that’s soft, crispy, and very decadent. To top it all off, the thing is also dusted with some icing sugar.


      Fair at the PNE

      2. Garlic-Vanilla Milkshake Burgers

      The name says it all: you’re going to get a mouthful of flavours with this menu item. With ingredients like vanilla ice cream, garlic, pickles, and a patty, you really can’t ask for more in a burger.


      Fair at the PNE


      3. Mexican Blooming Onions

      Besides being a pretty sight, this savoury treat is also quite tasty. Made to share with friends or family, it’s topped with Mexican flavours that really pack a punch. Pro tip: carry some mints in your bag to avoid onion breath.


      Fair at the PNE

      4. Smoking Charcoal Soft-Serve

      Don’t be alarmed by its appearance—this treat actually tastes good. It's made with coconut-flavoured soft-serve ice cream and infused with black activated charcoal. The only thing you’ll have to worry about is not staining your white shirt.


      Fair at the PNE

      5. One Pound Fair-Sized Meatballs

      If you have the appetite and stomach for big eats, check out this one pound meatball. This massive meatball is not the average ones Grandma makes at home: it's filled with mozzarella and tomato sauce. You may have to share with a friend or three.


      Fair at the PNE

      6. Deep-Fried Burgers

      This creation takes the classic cheeseburger up a notch, wrapped in bread dough and deep-fried until crispy and golden brown. You’ll be packing on the calories, but at least it’ll be satisfying?


      Fair at the PNE

      7. Churro Fries

      The Fair at the PNE has showcased churros in many different forms: classic, Oreo, and chocolate-dipped. This year’s recipe involves a poutine-like concept: your order of churro fries are covered with chocolate and caramel sauce, and topped with marshmallows to satisfy your sweet tooth.


      Fair at the PNE

      8. Red Velvet Corndogs

      Don’t doubt the extent of what types of sweet-and-savoury hybrids that can be concocted for the fair. These red velvet corndogs are a sweet twist on the classic, but might cross the line for some die-hard corndog fans.


      Fair at the PNE

      9. Deep-Fried Strawberries

      Apparently this dish has been requested by many Fair-goers, and it’s finally making a debut this year. Everyone’s favourite berry will be dipped in funnel cake batter, and sprinkled with powdered sugar for a tasty treat.


      Fair at the PNE

      10. Cricket Caramel Apples

      In the past, the Fair at the PNE has offered roasted barbecue cricket burgers and cricket fries. This year, guests will find cricket-covered caramel apples that feature salty, oven-roasted Entomo Farm crickets. Crunchy and chewy, we hope nothing gets stuck in your teeth when you take a bite.


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