Photos: Canada’s largest T&T Supermarket opens in Metro Vancouver

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      Canada’s most prominent Asian grocery chain, T&T Supermarket, opened its third location in Richmond yesterday (August 16). We can tell you that there’s more to check out than fresh fruit and produce—think gourmet food stations and an Asian slipper aisle.

      Located within Lansdowne Centre (8311 Lansdowne Road), the 70,000-square-foot store is the largest T&T Supermarket in the country. 

      Hundreds of eager customers lined-up for its grand opening; the grocer was offering 2 pound lobsters for eight dollars, and giving out gift cards to the first 400 guests.

      If you didn’t have a chance to join yesterday’s festivities, don’t fret. There’s plenty of time to pay a visit to this establishment before the shopping centre’s redevelopment in 2025. 

      Besides the usual suspects that you’d normally find at a T&T Supermarket (including fresh produce, meat, seafood, dried goods, snacks, Asian condiments and sauces), there are many features that are unique to this location. 

      The grocery store features a seafood bar.
      Areta Wong/Foodgressing

      Guests will be able to check out a seafood bar, where in-house chefs are able to cook a variety of fresh seafood that consumers can choose from the live seafood tank. Options range from crab and lobsters to shrimp and mussels. 

      There’s also an Asian street food quick-serve station, which showcases more than 30 types of snacks from China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. Indulge in items like Taiwanese popcorn chicken, Chinese lamb soup and sesame crispy cake, or Hong Kong-style steamed rice rolls. 

      This flagship store is home to Starbucks Coffee, and a soon-to-open Hui Lau Shan—a popular Hong Kong-based dessert chain serving up a variety of traditional Chinese treats. 

      Asian slippers galore.
      Areta Wong/Foodgressing

      It’s not T&T without its bakery and sushi station: shoppers will find a wide variety of Asian and western baked goods and pastries, as well as sushi and sashimi boxes. 

      Besides food offerings, the store also carries lifestyle goods such as Japanese diapers, home slippers (an Asian household must-have), and beauty products. A barbershop within the store is also slated to open in the near future.

      T&T Supermarket opened its first shop in 1993 at Burnaby’s Metropolis at Metrotown, and has expanded to more than 27 location across Canada. Founder Cindy Lee sold the chain to Loblaw Companies for $225 million in 2009, but the Asian supermarket is still led by her daughter, Tina Lee.  

      Scroll through the photos below for a look inside the new store.

      Self-serve Asian foods.
      Areta Wong/Foodgressing


      Tasty items at the Asian street food station.
      Areta Wong/Foodgressing

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