Ramen beer has officially entered Vancouver’s craft beer scene

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      Back in June, we wrote about a new beer ramen concept in Metro Vancouver. It sparked a lot of outrage, confusion, and general curiosity—quite strange coming from a city that loves their ramen and beer, if you ask us.

      But if you aren’t fond of finding noodles in your beverage (which was merely cold ramen broth), how about beer made from ramen?

      Electric Bicycle Brewing (20 East 4th Avenue) recently launched a Japanese-style beer made with loads of fresh and instant ramen.

      Kaedama, an Asian-inspired ramen altbier, is dry and crisp with hints of noodle flavours. Created with 40 pounds of fresh ramen noodles from the Ramen Butcher and more than 100 packs of Mr. Noodles, we don’t doubt the authenticity of its taste.

      According to Electric’s sales and marketing manager Leigh Matkovich, brewer Paddy Russel has had this unique beer idea in his mind for a while, but hasn’t been able to execute it until now. It’s clear that he has a deep love for both hops and ramen, which resulted in the creation of this impressive libation.

      Each beer comes with a pack of Mr. Noodles, while supplies last. Because if you’re not indulging in ramen while drinking ramen beer, what’s the point?