Yaletown’s Mister Ice Cream closes for an extended period due to serious flooding

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      Vancouverites have one less ice-cream shop to visit for the time being.

      Yaletown’s popular Mister Ice Cream (1141 Mainland Street) won’t be serving up its liquid-nitrogen ice cream for the next little while due to a serious flood at its brick-and-mortar shop.

      The frozen-treats establishment, known for its unique flavours and delicious ice-cream sandwiches, will be closed for approximately one month. 

      The owners have already called in contractors to reverse the damage, so hopefully it’ll be up and running again soon.

      In the meantime, its catering branch will still be in service.

      We’ll keep you updated with Mister’s re-opening—word of mouth tells us that there will likely be a customer appreciation promotion once it makes a comeback.

      No Mister ice-cream sandwiches for a month.
      Mister Ice Cream