5 places to find hot pot in Metro Vancouver

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      When the days start getting colder, it marks the beginning of hot pot season. 

      The Asian-style communal meal is so popular because it gives diners have the ultimate power when it comes to eating: choice.

      Feel like indulging in some fatty beef tonight? Pick up a few slices and throw it in the pot. Prefer to have meatless items? Cook some veggies and tofu in the tomato broth.

      Hot pot is an interactive cuisine, and it’s best enjoyed with good company. Here are five places to find hot pot restaurants around Metro Vancouver.

      Yushang Hot Pot

      1. Yushang Hot Pot (202–950 West Broadway)

      Upscale à la carte hot-pot restaurant with great customer service that features various meats, seafood, and unique broths.


      Landmark Hot Pot

      2. Landmark Hot Pot House (4023 Cambie Street)

      Award-winning Hong Kong–style eatery known for its fatty beef, geoduck, and dipping sauces, among other high-quality dishes.



      3. Nabebugyo (3190 Cambie Street)

      Japanese dining spot that offers individual hot pots that are personalized with your choice of meats, veggies, and broths.


      Dolar Shop Canada

      4. Dolar Shop (720–5300 No. 3 Road, Richmond)

      High-end hot-pot franchise with a modern setting, offering a menu that includes everything from Ocean Wise seafood to fresh meats to fish paste made in-house.


      Rosie Tulips/Flickr

      5. Garden City Hot Pot (1205–8788 McKim Way, Richmond)

      Casual Chinese restaurant serving up no-fuss hot-pot items alongside a sauce-cart service, as well as dim sum.

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