Recipe: Cedar Sour cocktail drives away the West Coast chill

The Tofino-born drink comes from Wolf in the Fog

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      Call it the Pacific Northwest rainforest in a glass: the Cedar Sour at Tofino's Wolf in the Fog restaurant is a cocktail that stands out for its fragrance and character. This woodsy sipper will help drive away the chill that comes from getting soaked in so much West Coast rain.

      Here, bar manager Hailey Pasemko shares her recipe. 

      Wolf in the Fog Cedar Sour

      Combine in a cocktail shaker:

      -  2 oz cedar rye *
      - 1 oz lemon juice
      - ¾ oz lemon thyme syrup**
      - 1 egg white

      Dry shake without ice and then shake again with ice.

      Double strain into a chilled rocks glass. Serve neat and garnish with cherries.

      Cedar Rye

      - 1.14 L bottle Wiser’s Deluxe Whisky
      - 4-inch section of a cedar shim or shingle

      Sterilize the cedar shim by scrubbing off any dirt or dust then soaking in warm salt water for 1 hour.

      Soak in warm fresh water to remove any saltiness left in the wood.

      Chop the wood down and put in a clean glass jar with the Wiser’s.

      Let stand 5 to 7 days then filter out all wood particles from the rye.

      Lemon Thyme Syrup

      - ¼ cup fresh lemon thyme (or, alternatively, ¼ cup regular thyme and the rind of half a lemon)
      - 4 cups sugar
      - 4 cups water

      Combine water and sugar in a saucepan. Bring to a boil and remove from heat. Ensure the sugar has completely dissolved. Place the lemon thyme in a container and pour the hot sugar syrup over it. Let cool before refrigerating and leave overnight to infuse. Strain out herbs the next day. Keep refrigerated.