Hyper-real puppy cakes served at Metro Vancouver dessert shop will make you think twice about digging in

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      At first glance, the latest menu items served at Richmond’s Sweethoney Dessert shop (160–4200 Number 3 Road) look like energetic puppies that are taking a break from chasing after a ball.

      But these hyper-real products, which closely resemble the cute furry friends you could never convince your mom to get you back in the day, are ice cream-based desserts that guests will eventually have to sink their teeth into.

      Known as puppy cakes ($12.95 each), these frozen treats look so realistic that most people with a beating heart won’t be able to stand taking a bite.

      The sleepy puppies are available in three flavours: chocolate mousse, vanilla, and strawberry.

      Photos have been circulating on social media, and people are torn about this new creation—if you’re a die-hard fan of dogs, we suggest skipping out on this dessert.

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