Drink of the Week: H Tasting Lounge flip

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      Touted as a health tonic a few centuries ago, flips make up a class of cocktails that today’s mixologists love to tinker with. “This velvety-smooth, creamy holiday libation is an homage to the 1600s, when sailors would drink a mixture of sugar, rum, and beer heated up, giving it the frothy consistency that the modern-day flip uses egg to achieve,” says Chiara Fung, premium bartender at the Westin Bayshore’s H Tasting Lounge. “The Nutcracker black tea infuses flavours of hazelnut and sweet vanilla into the cocktail, working with the nutmeg to create a festive sip with a rich, chocolate-y finish.”

      0.5 oz Bulleit rye
      0.5 oz Sailor Jerry spiced rum
      0.5 oz cane syrup
      0.5 oz Tealeaves Nutcracker tea
      3 dashes Ms. Better’s chocolate bitters
      Whole egg

      Mix all ingredients in a shaker glass, add a full scoop of ice, and shake vigorously for 10 seconds. Double-strain into a martini glass and garnish with nutmeg.