Kate Winslet heads back to Deep Cove’s Honey Doughnuts—again

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      It’s no secret that Kate Winslet loves doughnuts, specifically the ones from Honey Doughnuts (4373 Gallant Avenue) in North Vancouver’s Deep Cove.

      Last year, the Titanic actress raved about the local spot on the red carpet at the Toronto International Film Festival. She was in the city filming The Mountain Between Us, and told reporters: “I pine for Honey’s doughnuts in Deep Cove, pine for Honey’s doughnuts in Deep Cove.”

      She returned a few months later to grab some more of its goodies, while sporting a t-shirt that read “Keep Calm and Eat a Honey’s Doughnut”.

      Yesterday, Winslet made a visit to the doughnut shop again—but who can blame her for having sugar cravings? Honey’s posted a photo on its Instagram page that featured the movie star, with a caption that read “Welcome Home”.

      Only time will tell when she will make another return for some more of Honey’s deep-fried dough.

      If you’re intrigued by this celebrity’s frequent visits to the well-loved establishment and plan on checking it out, be prepared for lengthy waits. Honey’s has seen a spike in its number of visitors since Winslet’s endorsement, which makes it a not-so-secret hidden gem anymore.

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