Food and drink for skiers and snowboarders: 5 indulgences to seek out at Whistler Blackcomb

The holidays in the winter resort are tasty

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      It’s been dumping up in Whistler, and that means one thing: eating and drinking your way down the mountains and through the village.

      If your idea of an ideal day is making your way from 7th Heaven to the Village Stroll while stopping for one delicious indulgence after another, here are a few eats and drinks to add to your list.

      Waffles at Crystal Hut 

      Forget the low-carb diet and stop counting calories for just a while and pretend you’re a kid again. At the cabinlike Crystal Hut, just off the Crystal Ridge Express quad, find dinner-plate sized Belgian waffles topped with fluffy whipped cream, hot blackberries and blueberries, chocolate sauce and shavings, AND maple syrup. At the very least, as a mid-morning snack it will give you enough of a sugar rush to last till lunch.

      Caesars at Christine’s on Blackcomb 

      When finding a table at Rendezvous Lodge to eat your noodle bowl, veggie burrito, or salmon sandwich turns in to a sport as competitive as Olympic ski racing, cruise on over to Christine’s for a more peaceful, refined dining experience, a full-service one at that. Maybe you feel like a game burger or wild-mushroom risotto; no matter what you order, don’t skip the Caesar.

      This beaut is garnished with a pepperoni stick, green bean, olives, mini red pepper, and lime wedge and made with Walter Craft Caesar Mix (meaning no preservatives other crap found in grocery-store Clamato; plus, it’s Ocean Wise!).

      Rotisserie chicken at BrewHouse or Portobello 

      You’ve got a couple of choices when it comes to places in the mountain town with proper rotisserie ovens stocked all day long with juicy, golden chickens. The smokehouse-inspired Portobello at Fairmont Whistler (the hotel being under the supreme culinary guidance of executive chef Isabel Chung) offers a quarter or half bird; sides, ordered separately, range from smoked-pork-belly creamed corn to good ol’ mac ’n’ cheese; there’s jalapeno cornbread, too. BrewHouse (Mark James Group), near the Olympic Rings, serves up half free-range chickens with green beans, fries, and peppercorn sauce. (You can also get rotisserie-roasted porchetta or prime rib.)  

      Ramen at Four Seasons Resort and Residences Whistler

      On till January 5, Let’s Ramen at the Four Seasons Resort and Residences Whistler is a pop-up resto and bar accessed through a postern door illuminated only with a neon sign and featuring original street-style-meets-Japanese-minimalist artwork by Whistler artist Kris Kupskaym. Four Seasons executive chef Eren Guryel has designed a food stall-inspired menu where people pick their choice of noodle, broth, proteins, and accompaniments. Satisfying and flavourful.

      Margaritas at the Mexican Corner 

      These aren’t your chain-restaurant margaritas. Among the premium cocktails at this gorgeously decorated upper-level restaurant is the Don Julio Cadillac. Served on the rocks, it’s made with Grand Marnier, fresh lime juice, and Don Julio Reposado—the amber-coloured tequila aged for eight months in American white-oak barrels for a mellow, smooth flavour. Add a little sunshine to your white Christmas, along with some chili relleno, enchiladas rojas, or vegan chorizo tacos.