Crepe and tea shop Moii Café undergoes repairs during temporary closure due to flooding

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      While many eateries have been shutting down permanently, one that closed temporarily over the holiday season has been preparing to reopen.

      The eclectic Moii Café, located at 2559 Cambie Street (off Broadway) and has been in operation since 2009, posted a sign on its door that it had to close on December 10 due to major flooding.  

      Located across the street from the Broadway-City Hall SkyTrain station, the Asian café, which incorporated Japanese, Taiwanese, French, and North American influences, served sweet and savory crepes, as well as various teas (including milk tea), various other beverages, desserts, and more.

      Moii Café

      However, the café was slated to reopen today (January 3). The Georgia Straight has contacted the café to confirm its reopening.

      Moii Café had previously opened a second location at 505 West Pender in 2015 but it has since closed.

      Moii Café