Well-loved East Village Bakery will be closing its doors on Saturday (January 19)

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      One of Vancouver’s most popular bakeries has announced it will be ending its business this week.

      The East Village Bakery (2166 East Hastings Street) will be shutting its doors for good on Saturday (January 19). Best known for its gluten-free and vegan baked goods, the beloved neighbourhood establishment has been a frequently visited spot in East Van for the past six years.

      “It was a decision that was very hard to come to. It wasn’t to do with financial restraint [and] it isn’t about rising rent costs,” Karin Piett, owner of East Village Bakery, told the Straight in a phone interview. “It is a personal decision [to close it], and the right one at this time.”

      She posted the news of East Village’s imminent closure on social media a few days ago, and has received a great amount of outcry and support since. We don’t doubt the bakery’s regulars will miss grabbing some of its most popular items, which includes gluten-free and vegan cookies, pies, cakes, and artisan breads, among others.

      “We’re very grateful, that’s our biggest message. We have an amazing team, and we’ve been so fortunate with our following, our customers, and our regulars,” said Piett. “[It’s] beyond what I could have ever imagined.”

      Its other treats include cookies, breads, and cakes.
      East Village Bakery

      Her team will be baking as much as they can before its final day of service, and are already starting on some of the bestsellers because the bakery only has three ovens. Guests have a few more days to stock up on their favourite East Village Bakery goodies, until the shop closes on Saturday evening at 5 p.m.—it’s highly likely that everything will sell-out well in advance.

      “The side of human nature, neighbourhood, [and] truly the people, that’s the very best part of the bakery here,” Piett added. “It’s about the village, it’s a village bakery. That’s the part I will definitely miss the most.”

      No new location is currently in the works for the bakery, but there is a distinct possibility for its owner to return to Vancouver’s baked goods scene in the future.

      Here is Piett’s full statement posted online:

      “After 6 years, East Village Bakery is closing its doors on East Hastings in a week, Saturday January 19. We thank all our amazing customers for their commitment to us—we will miss you. A difficult decision, but the right one at this time. No future location planned at this time. Come in and see us, and watch for all the fun specials and giveaways end of next week. See you soon.”