Vancouver's Guu izakaya reveals grand opening date of Davie Village location

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      Here’s something for West End residents and izakaya afficionados to add to your schedules: an ever-popular local izakaya chain will hold its official launch next month.

      Although we previously reported that Guu izakaya will be opening a new location in the Davie Village, spokeperson Yasumi Yajima confirmed today (January 25) the Georgia Straight that the grand opening will be held at at 1239 Davie Street on February 11.

      The timing of the restaurant's debut is rather fitting as the location will be moon-themed and the date falls in the wake of the Lunar New Year on February 5.

      Although the Japanese New Year had been changed to January 1 in the late 1800s due to the adoption of the Western calendar, some Japanese traditions harken back to previous lunar-based calendars.

      The restaurant takes over the space, which is slightly set back from and raised above street level, that has remained empty since Upper Deck Kitchen and Taphouse was shut down back in March 2017.

      This new location also helps to compensate for the loss of Guu Kobachi, which closed in September at 735 Denman Street due to the block undergoing redevelopment.

      This latest addition will join four other locations in Vancouver and one in Toronto.

      Kitanoya Guu Izakaya Official

      Meanwhile, Japanese cuisine fans awaiting that opening can also consider tiding themselves over with Guu Garden's Dine Out Vancouver 2019 menu, which continues until February 4.

      This year, Guu Garden (located at 888 Nelson Street) has chosen the theme “going back to the source” for their Dine Out menu, with a selection of nine izakaya dishes to choose three from, for lunch or dinner.

      Among the options are a deep-fried breaded chestnut and kabocha korokke, steamed salmon and mussels saka-mushi with garlic herb butter, grilled whole sanma mackerel sushi, a dashi-based lamb curry hotpot, or whole quail karaage with matcha milk salt.

      Full details are available at the Guu website.

      Kitanoya Guu Izakaya Official