Downtown Vancouver rice bowl restaurant GyuDonYa shutters—with build-your-own-bento to come

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      On a downtown block featuring a row of Asian eateries, a restaurant serving Japanese and Korean dishes has closed—for the moment.

      GyuDonYa has shut down at 500 Robson Street at Richards Street.

      The restaurant specialized in donburi, ranging from Japanese rice bowls like gyudon (beef rice) and chicken don to Korean such as kalbi don (beef short ribs rice bowl) and bibimbap, as well as hot stone bowl offerings including unagi (eel) and kimchi pork.


      Other offerings included noodles (ramen, kalbi soup with rice, tempura udon) and hako sushi (box-shaped sushi).

      Rounding out the menu was a range of bento, including chirashi (assorted sashimi), chashu (grilled pork), and sake salmon. 

      That last point appears to be the future direction for the location.

      Along with new awnings, the windows have been covered with signs with the name Bentoya that promises a build-your-own bento eatery is in the works, with options ranging from vegetarian to meat-oriented items.

      The Georgia Straight is contacting the restaurant for more information.