PNE Fair cops to selling 92,000 corndogs last year—and makes a call for new vendors for 2019

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      By any count, that's a lot of wieners on a stick.

      In a big call for new vendors for its 2019 event, the PNE Fair has released some pretty telling numbers from its food concessions in 2018. In all, the exhibition has announced, its food vendors sold 92,000 corn dogs. That's the rough equivalent of 87,500 wieners and about 3.5 tonnes of cornmeal, folks.

      In addition, the PNE reports it dished out 22,000 racks of ribs, and a truly artery-hardening 2,000,000 mini donuts during the course of the celebrations last August.

      In all, it tells potential vendors, the 17-day fair draws more than 700,000 to the site.

      The majority of the retail spaces are in the MarketPlace inside the historic PNE Forum Building, showcasing things like housewares, gifts, and electronics.

      Over an additional 115 acres of outside-grounds space, there is more room available for concessions, mobile boutiques, outdoor supplies, and furniture shopping booths, as well as attractions and rides.

      Food vendors will be situated all over the fair grounds, arranged into food zones. It's probably safe to say the corndogs are cornered.

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