Taiwanese fried-chicken shops to open new locations in Downtown Vancouver and Richmond

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      Get ready, Vancouverites, because two Taiwanese chains are adding more of their takes on fried chicken to the Lower Mainland food scene.

      Signage for Big G Large Fried Chicken has gone up at 382 Robson Street (in the former location of Coco Noodle Express), across from the downtown branch of the Vancouver Public Library.

      Many Metro Vancouverites are already acquainted with this brand as they have previously been available from stalls at night markets in Richmond and also opened a location at 1231–8338 Capstan Way in Richmond.

      Big G Large Fried Chicken

      As their name indicates, the eatery offers sprawling fried chicken cutlets with both Asian- and Western-influenced flavourings from seaweed to Cajun, which can be served alongside sides such as rice, tofu, or salad.

      Other menu items have included popcorn chicken, deep-fried mushrooms, deep-fried fishcake, milk tea, and more.

      The Georgia Straight has contacted Big G for further details.

      Hot Star Large Fried Chicken

      A new entry into the local market will be Hot Star Large Fried Chicken, which launched in Taiwan in 1992.

      Their menu offers chicken cutlets that range up to 30 centimetres (12 inches) in size. What differentiates this chain from typical Western varieties are Asian-based seasonings options such as plum or seaweed, in addition to barbecue sauce or pepper and salt. Other variations include hot cheese fried chicken, Korean-style fried chicken, or chicken popcorn.

      Sides include fried king oyster mushroom and plum sweet potato fries.

      A fanciful and flavourful range of beverages include blue Curacao yogurt, passion fruit soda, grapefruit mojito, and more.

      Hot Star Large Fried Chicken

      Hot Star first entered the Canadian market in Ontario in 2015 and is now expanding across Canada. The chain already has locations in Toronto, Markham, Waterloo, North York, and Windsor, with a forthcoming location will be in Mississauga.

      The chain is preparing to expand into Quebec with a spot in Montreal, and into B.C.

      Over here the West Coast, Hot Star is planning to open two locations in the Lower Mainland: one at 566 Granville Street in Downtown Vancouver and another at 1623–4791 McClelland Road in Richmond.

      The Georgia Straight has contacted Hot Star Canada for more information.

      Hot Star Large Fried Chicken