WWE star John Cena raves about Vancouver restaurant while speaking decent Mandarin

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      American professional wrestler and actor John Cena is in town filming Playing with Fire, which means he’s had some free time to check out local food and drink spots.

      He recently posted a video that shows him giving high-praise to downtown Vancouver’s Joe Fortes Seafood & Chop House (777 Thurlow Street), while speaking pretty fluent Mandarin.

      “I’m going to my favourite restaurant in Canada,” Cena says in the video, while walking on Thurlow Street. “It’s similar to Gary’s Kitchen in YinChuan [in China’s Ningxia region].”

      He continues to demonstrate his Chinese language skills by adding, “The name of the restaurant is called Joe Fortes, like an old-style steakhouse that has very good food.”

      The WWE superstar was last seen at Joe Fortes at the end of January, and it seems he can’t get enough of the Vancouver eatery’s seafood and steak-filled menu.

      According to online reports, Cena started learning Mandarin to help WWE increase its global footprint and reach a bigger audience in China.

      Take a look at the video below to see how the muscular celebrity shows off his Chinese.

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