French cookware brand Le Creuset is dropping a new dinnerware line

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      Popular French cookware company Le Creuset is traditionally known for its heavy cast-iron products, such as its signature Dutch ovens and skillets.

      But in recent years, the iconic brand has been adding new kitchenware items and tableware lines to its product line-up. Its latest offering is a minimalist dinnerware collection, aptly named “minimalist”, which launches March 1.

      The new line features functional items such as dinner plates, coupe pasta bowls, cereal bowls, salad plates, mugs, cappuccino cups, and espresso cups with a simple yet sleek design. It complements the brand’s classic dinnerware line, known for its three-ring design that gives the dishes a more old-school vibe for entertaining.

      The simple but sleek line will feature items like salad plates, pasta bowls, and coffee cups.
      Le Creuset

      The entire minimalist collection will be available in Le Creuset’s 10 glossy or matte shades, and an exclusive colour—matte navy—will be showcased.

      Each year, the French brand introduces new hues to its line of rainbow products to keep things fresh. This year, two new colours will be added to its library: sage and meringue.

      Inspired by the well-loved herb, sage is a muted green-grey colour with a cool undertone. Meringue, named after the European treat, is a natural cream hue with soft and classic tones.

      Some of Le Creuset’s signature colours like cerise (cherry red), flame (bright orange), and soleil (lemon yellow) may be too bold for those who prefer neutral palettes, so the addition of softer tones like sage and meringue will bring a nice balance to its inventory of shades.

      Le Creuset's two new colours for 2019: sage and meringue.
      Le Creuset
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