Fairmont Hotel Vancouver introduces new chocolate laboratory afternoon-tea menu and dessert lounge

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      It’s not a secret that Fairmont Hotel Vancouver’s Notch8 Restaurant (900 West Georgia Street) likes to serve-up creative and unconventional afternoon-tea menus—past themes include Enchanted Forest and Classic Board Games.

      The dining establishment’s latest offering is a science-y one: a Chocolate Laboratory afternoon-tea set ($59 per person, plus taxes and gratuity) fit for the most extreme chocoholics, which runs through April 28 from Thursday to Sunday.

      Guests start off with their choice of Fairmont’s Lot 35 tea, which includes everything from blacks to greens to herbals. For more boozy options, go for one of its lab cocktails, such as the Oscillating Clock (Empress Gin, simple syrup, lemon, and tonic), or the Alchemist (Collingwood, Chambord, maple syrup, lemon, and bitters).

      As for the menu, chocolate is the center of attention. It’s sweet from the beginning: s’mores crème brûlée, triple-chocolate, and raspberry-white chocolate scones.

      Savoury bites like chocolate BLT (with chocolate-apple bacon, wine tomato, and cranberry loaf), cocoa gravlax (lemon mascarpone and chives), and chocolate-butter-dipped red radish (with sea salt) will be served.

      The chocolate theme continues into the final course: desserts. Satisfy your sweettooths with chocolate waffles, gold-popping candy chocolate sables, chocolate-jaffa cake, red velvet cream puffs, and popcorn brownies.

      In addition to the newly launched afternoon-tea menu, Notch8 has also unveiled its new Chocolate Laboratory dessert lounge (open on Friday and Saturday evenings).

      Custom built floor-to-ceiling chocolate-covered walls enclose the space where guests can sip on chocolate-themed cocktails, like Cocoa Combustion (Lot 35 earl-grey tea, crème de cacao, Kraken-spiced rum, and lemon).

      Desserts like Liquid Matter (made with dark-chocolate cake, peanut-brittle chunks, chocolate meringue, peanut-butter ice cream, and molten chocolate) and Truffle Specimens (flavours include goat cheese and lime, and olive oil and chipotle) are on the menu.

      We don’t know about you, but it sure sounds like a mad scientist created the treats.

      Reservations can be made online.

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