Davie Street's Mexican dessert shop La Churreria goes dark but churros to live on

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      While it may be the end for one local Mexican dessert venue, it’s not the end for their offerings.

      The cozy La Churreria opened in a 500-square-foot space at 1105 Davie Street at Thurlow Street.

      It was launched by Adriana Orta and her husband, who originally began selling churros, or deep-fried pastries (akin to stick-like doughnuts), at their restaurant, Los Amigos Taqueria across the street at 1118 Davie Street.

      Orta, who is originally from Mexico City, had previously told the Georgia Straight in an interview at the time of the opening that she used recipes from her grandfather.

      Due to demand at their taco eatery, the couple decided to open a spot specifically devoted to the Mexican sweets, in addition to Mexican coffee.

      At La Churreria, churros were served with cinnamon and sugar, or filled with dulce de leche, chocolate, Nutella, or jam. Another option was their churro bowl, featuring churros with ice cream and sauce.

      La Churreria's churro bowl
      La Churreria

      Unfortunately, the West End spot shut its doors a few weeks ago.

      By phone, Orta told the Georgia Straight that there were a number of factors that contributed to the decision to close the shop. She explained that business had been slow over the winter season and the location, tucked away in a corner spot of a corner plaza, was not the most visible as visitors repeatedly asked if they had just opened. In addition, as their lease was coming to an end, they were facing a rent increase.

      Despite the closure, the good news is that the churros will live on.

      Orta said they will continue to offer their churros, including their churro bowls (which Orta said was their most popular item), at Los Amigos Taqueria, which she said has also been doing well and even had a parklet installed in front of it last summer.

      Even better news, Orta said that as they’ve had inquiries about catering, they are considering launching a food cart devoted to churros so that they can become mobile.

      So stay tuned, dessert fans, as only one chapter has ended but this delectable tale isn't over yet.

      Los Amigos Taqueria's Adriana Orta at the former La Churreria
      Craig Takeuchi