Disco Cheetah food truck chooses Davie Village for first brick-and-mortar location in Vancouver

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      The moniker of a local food truck that’s planning to open its first eatery there couldn't be more fitting for the Davie Village.

      Disco Cheetah Korean Grill launched back in 2014, and owner Kyungmin Kevin Lee told the Georgia Straight that the name means fun and fast—two things he notes that are in demand in our current times.

      The four-on-the-floor neighbourhood was one on Lee's radar for his brick-and-mortar shop because of “its vibe and diversity”. Speaking of the latter, he noted the fact that there weren’t any other Korean restaurants in the area was also a draw.

      Disco Cheetah will be taking over the 960-square-foot premises at 1183 Davie Street, the former location of Peaceful Restaurant Lite, with an aim to open in early April.

      The cozy premises will seat about 20 people but the emphasis here will be on grab-and-go.

      Disco Cheetah

      The menu, inspired by South Korean street food, offers rice bowls, wraps, Korean tacos, salad, and more.

      At the forthcoming Davie Street location, Lee said that the Seoul-ful menu will be somewhat upgraded with more topping choices and sauce options.

      Among the most popular options are the signature Korean fried chicken rice bowl; bulgogi beef rice bowl; and the KFC (Korean fried chicken) fries, featuring a sweet chili glaze and pickled red raddish.

      Until the eatery opens, the food truck can be found on Howe Street next to the Vancouver Art Gallery and other locations around Vancouver.

      Disco Cheetah
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