A Game of Thrones banquet is taking place in Vancouver this summer

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      As the final season of American fantasy-drama television series Game of Thrones draws near, some people are likely going to experience withdrawal symptoms.

      But an upcoming event in Vancouver will be celebrating the popular HBO show on the heels of its finale, which will undoubtedly please all the Middle-Ages enthusiasts around town.

      A Game of Thrones banquet will be taking place in the city in June, which is organized by the same Australia-based company that brought the Harry Potter-themed Wizard’s Brunch here last year.

      The immersive medieval-style feast will be set in a Winterfell-inspired setting, where knights, lords, ladies, and warlocks will be entertained with medieval music, a jester, and a healthy amount of ale.

      Whether you’re behind House Lannister, House Stark, or House Targaryen, we have a feeling you’ll want to set your differences aside for a night of good fun (magic and dragons likely won’t make appearances).

      A confirmed date and location hasn’t been announced, but those who are keen to receive updates on tickets and more information can register online.

      Stay-tuned for details on its “medieval” menu offerings, and which prime Vancouver spot will become Westeros for a day or two.