8 places to find chocolate Easter eggs around Metro Vancouver

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      Remember when you were young enough to partake in the Easter tradition of hunting for chocolate eggs? It’s always a good memory when you’re tasked with finding sweet treats.

      Although some of us may have grown older and wiser, it doesn’t mean we should stop indulging in Easter confections. Luckily, many Vancouver chocolatiers have created some unique and sophisticated goods for the annual holiday this year.

      Here are 8 places to find delicious chocolate Easter eggs around town. The best part? You don’t have to scavenge for them.

      Temper Pastry

      Temper Pastry (2409 Marine Drive, West Vancouver)

      For the record, it’s clear that Temper’s Steven Hodge knows how to create a presence on social media. This West Van sweets parlour is offering unicorn chocolate eggs, which are characterized by a golden horn and filled with signature mini eggs and truffle eggs. Besides the limited-edition photo-worthy treat, visitors will find many other varieties of Easter eggs: dark, milk, and white chocolate truffle eggs; hollow dark chocolate eggs filled with smaller eggs; and a milk chocolate egg carton filled with six colourful graffiti-covered eggs. Find them in-store until April 22.


      Beta5 Chocolates

      Beta5 Chocolates (413 Industrial Avenue)

      This chocolate shop’s unconventional chocolate Easter bunny may be making waves around the city, but its signature chocolate Easter egg is just as noteworthy. Beta5’s polygon egg is a unique geometric treat: made up of 63 percent dark chocolate that features a multicolour white-chocolate drip, it can easily pass as edible art. The chocolate egg is filled with 15 assorted mini eggs (with flavours like peanut butter, hazelnut, and strawberry pop rocks), which allows you to easily share with others—but doesn’t mean you have to. Available in-store and online.


      Chez Christophe

      Chez Christophe Chocolaterie Pastisserie (4717 Hastings Street, Burnaby)

      Chocolate-lovers will find three beautiful Easter egg showpieces at this popular Burnaby establishment. The signature item is a hollow dark-chocolate geometric egg covered with a blue and gold hue, filled with three of the shop’s award-winning chocolates. There’s also a trio of milk and caramelized white-chocolate eggs and feathers tucked inside an edible nest, finished with gold dust. But the most impressive showpiece is the little yolk, which looks like a real egg straight from the grocery store. It features a brown-coloured hollow chocolate egg, and inside is a limited edition chocolate: elderflower and rhubarb. Available in-store.



      Purdys (various locations)

      Vancouver’s long-time chocolate factory doesn’t disappoint when it comes to holiday-themed treats. Its Easter collection includes various chocolate bunnies and lamb lollies, but its chocolate egg selection steals the show. Classic mini foiled eggs are on offer, which come in different flavours like solid milk and dark chocolate, peanut butter, and caramel. Larger picks like fudge eggs, peanut-butter eggs, milk chocolate creamy-yolk eggs, and crisp eggs are also available. For a crowd-pleaser, go for the milk chocolate half-shell egg filled with mini foiled eggs—it can be a satisfying treat after your Easter Sunday dinner. Available in-stores and online.


      Kristina Napolskih

      Mon Paris Pâtisserie (4396 Beresford Street, Burnaby)

      Besides chocolate Easter chicks and a spring-themed mille-feuille, chef Elena Krasnova’s Easter collection features various eggs made with quality Cacao Barry chocolate. Small speckled milk and dark chocolate eggs have a hidden treat inside, while the larger milk and dark chocolate eggs are filled with candied nuts and dried fruits. A stunning red velvet Easter egg is also on the menu, which comes with two signature truffles—we don’t doubt its ability to be the center of attention at any holiday gathering. Available in-store.


      Gem Chocolates

      Gem Chocolates (2029 West 41st Avenue)

      Chocolate Easter eggs aren’t hard to find around the city, but show-stopping Easter eggs are more difficult to come by. Gem Chocolates has created some beautiful Easter eggs for the season, which are hand-painted with cocoa butter. It comes in milk and dark chocolate, and are filled with foil-wrapped Valrhona chocolate truffle eggs—a small chocolate chick can also be added inside. Vegan chocolate truffle eggs are also on offer. Available online.  


      Ken Fox Photography

      East Van Roasters (319 Carrall Street)

      This Downtown Eastside (DTES) bean-to-bar chocolate shop has created three chocolate Easter eggs this year, which are made with organic, fair, and direct-trade chocolate. Its mouthwatering flavours include passion fruit (chewy caramel inside a Tanzanian white-chocolate shell), pecan praline (pecan butter mixed with Madagascan 70 percent chocolate, and crunchy pecan pieces), and malted ganache (70 percent Peruvian chocolate shell with a creamy malt ganache center). Available in-store.

      East Van Roasters is a registered charity and social enterprise operated by the PHS Community Services Society, which employs women experiencing challenges living in Vancouver’s DTES. Proceeds from sales go back to supporting the women who work there, which helps remove barriers for women in the community.


      Thomas Haas

      Thomas Haas Chocolates & Patisserie (2539 West Broadway and 128-998 Harbourside Drive, North Vancouver)

      Sweettooths will find many chocolate Easter eggs at this local spot, besides its regular programming of chocolate Easter bunnies and chicks. Fill your basket with everything from colourful crispy Gianduja eggs (chocolate eggs with hazelnut crème and rice krispies) to assorted chocolate truffle eggs (which come in dark, milk, and white chocolate). The stars of the show are the surprise Easter eggs: hand-painted and air-brushed Easter eggs filled with unknown chocolate surprises—these treats come in three sizes and various colours and designs. Available in-stores.