SPUD.ca helps tackle Canada’s food-waste crisis

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      According to a year-long research project undertaken by Second Harvest and  almost 60 percent of food produced in Canada is lost or wasted annually. That equates to a staggering 35.5 million metric tonnes, 32 percent of which is edible food that could be redirected to support people in our communities.

      In other words, we are in the middle of a food-waste crisis.

      In order to make a difference, we need to radically change how we value food. But that doesn’t mean we should underestimate the impact we can make on an individual level. 

      Fortunately, locally owned grocery delivery service, SPUD.ca, is making that relatively overwhelming task a lot easier. In fact, by shopping at SPUD you can become part of the solution.


      That’s because, since opening in 1997, SPUD has been committed to reducing food waste and is proud to be the lowest-waste grocery company in Canada. It is also the winner of the Georgia Straight’s Golden Plates 2019 award for best grocery delivery. But its mission to keep its food waste to almost zero doesn’t stop at accolades from customers and the industry.

      SPUD is constantly striving to . Since there are no in-store displays, products are not left to get damaged or expire on the shelves. For customers, this means a little bit of forward planning and less mindless spending—a win-win.

      Of course, this “fresh daily” model doesn’t just benefit the shopper. SPUD only makes and orders fresh items when a customer needs them, which means that perishable products with a short shelf life are never over-ordered. Instead, SPUD receives daily deliveries to fulfill customer orders, so that more than 80 percent of its inventory is turned over every 48 hours, in comparison to 27 days for a conventional grocery store.


      To ensure the freshest and most healthy food for its customers, SPUD supports and works with 464 local producers and 58 local farms. SPUD only selects ingredients from partners who share the same values of integrity, respect for the environment, sustainable farming practices, and the humane treatment of animals.

      Your fresh, healthy, organic groceries are then delivered directly to you at your home or office in totes, eliminating plastic bags and more cars on the road. Not to mention the convenience of not having to spend time in a store.


      At SPUD, any surplus products that are about to expire are donated to charities to be redistributed to those who need it. “Imperfect produce” that’s past its prime or damaged can also be .

      For more information on SPUD and its zero-food-waste initiatives, visit the website at . Share and exchange your waste reduction tips on social media using the hashtag #LetsNotWaste and you could be featured in SPUD’s newsletter.