Vancouver's Kofta Meatball Kitchen shuts down in Gastown

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      Sadly, Gastown has lost quite a number of poor meatballs.

      Kofta Meatball Kitchen, located at 320 Cambie Street, launched in July 2016 with specialization in a range of meatball offerings.

      The name kofta is the term used to refer to spiced meatballs found in Indian, Middle Eastern, and Central Asian cuisines  

      The menu spanned bowls, sliders, baguette sandwiches, and salads. All featured housemade meatballs in variations that included chicken, beef and ricotta, spicy pork, and vegan lentil.

      Unfortunately, the eatery closed down on April 26. All social media has been removed and no contact information is available.

      Kofta Meatball Kitchen